In fine Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Ground :


The vines are planted in the town of Villematier , about twenty kilometers north of Toulouse on a soil of gravely boulbènes on the surface and stony marl in depth.


Grape variety:


Sauvignon is a grape variety native to the southwest that can be found in various French regions . It is said that it is the grape variety for lovers of life . Its lively and fruity style embodies dynamism , humor and energy .




The dress is pale and shiny yellow with silver gray undertones. The fine and complex nose is dominated by dried fruit and white flowers. The palate, still nervous and dense, combining the subtle acidity of the terroir with the remarkable silkiness of the ripening of the grapes, remains on the generosity and the fruit .


Cultural practices:


It is with a perpetual respect for the plant and a reasoned approach to the culture that this grape variety is cultivated. The land is mechanically worked every other row, unpacked as regards the grassed row in which organic life plays a large part in soil preservation . In order to limit the risk of pollution , there is no residual weeding or anti-botrytis . The biological diversity of this terroir gives the grapes full expression


Oenological practices:


The grapes are picked at full maturity for their fruit expression at night. Then, a gentle pressing and fermentation at 17 degrees for about two weeks brings it freshness, fruit and balance . Roundness is provided by the work of lees filtered and fermented in oak barrels then stirred for two months on fine lees . A single light filtration before bottling will preserve all the olfactory and gustatory qualities of the wine .




4500 Bottles / year


Pairing - wine:


From the aperitif and throughout a meal with seafood , poultry and hard cheeses .

In fine Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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