In fine le Rosé 2020

Ground :


The vines are planted in the town of Villematier , about twenty kilometers north of Toulouse on a soil of gravely boulbènes on the surface and stony marl in depth.


Grape variety:


Syrah , this Côtes du Rhône grape variety, with a global vocation, finds all its expression in the northern Toulouse region . According to history, the Romans would have brought this grape variety from Syracuse .




Coral color with pink undertones . This vibrant rosé of expression is a concentrate of gourmet aromas and intense freshness , the mouth of which gives way entirely to the expression of the fruit supported by a slight acidity .


Cultural practices:


It is with a perpetual respect for the plant and a reasoned approach to the culture that this grape variety is cultivated. The land is mechanically worked every other row, unpacked as regards the grassed row in which organic life plays a large part in soil preservation . In order to limit the risk of pollution , there is no residual weeding or anti-botrytis . The biological diversity of this terroir gives the grapes full expression


Oenological practices:


The grapes are picked at full maturity for their fruit expression at night. Then, a gentle pressing and fermentation at 15 degrees for about two weeks brings it freshness , fruit and balance .




3000 Bottles / year


Pairing - wine:


From the aperitif and throughout a meal, especially on hot summer evenings .

In fine le Rosé 2020

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